Union is a new way to meet people.

Meeting the right person at the right time can change your life, but making friends is more than clicking a button. A cross between LinkedIn and a hotel lobby for an entire city, Union makes meeting new people easy. Whether you’re a local who’s looking for a change, a transplant new to town, or a visitor looking for local connection, we’ll help you meet interesting people.

Why Union?

Come as strangers, leave as friends.

We believe in the diversity of thought and experience, so we’ve built a place to meet someone different and learn something new.

The House

Meet Here. Go Places.

Each house is created to bring people together under one roof. Eat & drink, work & play, stay & connect or do whatever else you dream up.

How it works:


Hospitality, redefined.

Our background is technology, so we’ve reimagined traditional hospitality and built a new platform for a uniquely engaging, personalized experience around community, programming, and space. The result? Magical experiences just for you.

The Connectors

Union is your friend in common.

Union Connectors get to know each member, creating programming you really want and making personalized introductions to people you should know. Find a game-changing teammate, inspiring mentor, all-night dance partner, handsome stranger, or a new best friend.




working space

Music & Art


Garden Cafe

Outdoor movies



(Coming 2019)

Join Union

Local Member


Access to your local Member House, concierge, connections team, and programming for you + 3 daily guest passes.

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Founding Member

Equity ownership in business, private programming and private space access. Global House access, concierge, connections team, and programming access for life.

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